A better way to buy parts.

Asseta is a global marketplace that makes buying parts from the secondary market easy, enjoyable, and safe.

How we work

Simple, Fast, and Efficient

Find the part you need

Asseta has over 450,000 parts available from 100's of fabs, refurbishers, & dealers.

Reach multiple suppliers

Request quotes from suppliers located around the world with a single click.

Select the best option

Compare quotes, select the best match, and pay—all through the Asseta platform.

Receive it quickly

Asseta gets you the part as fast as possible—next day or same day when available.

Buyer Benefits

Why You'll Love Asseta

Reduced downtime

When it comes to finding parts for tool-down situations, Asseta is your devoted search and rescue team.

Sourcing on autopilot

No more hunting part by part. Tell us what you need and we'll send your request to all relevant suppliers.

Lower part spending

Buyers save between 40-60% on parts they purchase from the Asseta Marketplace.

Seller Benefits

Sell Near, Sell Far, Sell More

More ways to sell

Asseta's best-in-class SEO attracts buyers from around the world, helping you grow your customer base globally.

Quotes made easy

Creating quotes is simple and fast, and you can send them straight to buyers' inboxes with a click.

Everything in one place

Respond to inquiries, send quotes and track orders—all through the Asseta Seller Dashboard.